Club fees are a major source of revenue for the club but do not cover the overall incurred expenses. FCDC also receives a grant from Dive Ontario, issued closer to season-end and the amount is not guaranteed. Revenue is also generated by Dive meets held at the Canada Games Aquatic Centre, which can be annually or biannually. The two primary costs to the club are coaching fees and pool rental. This is where Fundraising plays a crucial role in offsetting costs to the club and your help is required.

This year, the board has decided to enforce a fundraising limit.  Each diver family is required to fundraise a minimum amount.  If you fundraised above the required amount, any amount above minus 50% will be returned to you to use towards your fees.

Diver Development: $300
Competitive: $400

Also, each diver family is required to volunteer at FCDC events . We have decided to eliminated the credits but in return ask for your involvement to participate during meets.  This year, FCDC will be hosting 2 events.  Forest City Invitational and the Spring Provincial Qualifier. Amount of volunteer time TBD.